Spinal Fixation

The way the human body functions is almost mesmerizing. Everything is working on its own. All one has to do is breathe and take care of their health. The spine helps us to bend and stay straight. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are very sensitive and, once damaged it does not fully recover. 
Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur is something that is performed so that the spine does not go through any more movement. This may make the condition worse and cause further damage. This surgery is an orthopedic surgery that a Neurosurgeon prescribes in Jaipur should one suffer the issues. 
In this surgery, the procedure includes attaching a synthetic device that connects two or more vertebrae. This reduces movement within the spinal cord to ensure that there is no further damage to the spinal roots.  

Reasons to have this Surgery

Most people who suffer from spinal injuries suffered due to accidents on roads or through performing stunts. A more common reason for having issues with the spinal cord is trauma. While most spinal problems arise should you suffer an accident, but some more reasons for having surgery are: 

Deformities in the Vertebra 

Scoliosis is a very common problem that a lot of people suffer from. In this condition, the spine is bent sideways. In many cases, scoliosis has been seen to cause cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. But these cases are severe. Neurosurgeon helps with these conditions with surgery. 

Difficult to keep balance or weak spine 

If there is too much movement between two vertebrae, there is a chance that the spine may become unstable. This instability comes from arthritis in the spine as a side effect. With surgery, you can easily restore it by attaching a device over them. 

Unstable Disk 

Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur also massively helps with instability in the disk. This is done by completely removing the disk altogether that is damaged through an accident. This is caused due to some problems with the rubbery cushions between the two disks. 

Spine Fixation Devices 

When Neurosurgeon performs this kind of delicate surgery, they make sure that they are completely prepared. Everything is thoroughly sterilized and then produced at the operation theatre, from gloves to devices for the fixation. 
Spine Fixation Surgery is performed with devices that are made out of titanium. These are prosthetics that include rods, plates, and screws that help keep the spine straight. The material is bioresorbable, which dissolves on its own and disintegrates. 

Things you should do before the Surgery 

As a patient who is just entering surgery, you would be worried and nervous. This is only natural. Hence, the doctor might have suggested a couple of things to do before the day of the surgery. Should you abide by those properly, you should be found under the best Neurosurgeon in Jaipur. 
First and foremost, make sure you bring someone with you on the very day. Not only to drive you home but also to be there as a support. 
Talk to the doctor and rule out all the medicines that you can or cannot take for Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur. Some may have negative effects like aspirin or similar medications.
Make sure that you are aware of the eating and drinking situation before the surgery. Additionally, ask the doctor what kind of amenities you will require and make preparations accordingly. 

Risks Involved in the Surgery 

Even the best Neurosurgeon is extra careful when they are performing spine surgery. This is a very delicate process but is fine under capable hands. Nonetheless, there are always some risks involved when performing a surgery. It is better to know about them than stay in ignorance: 
General and mild complications are as follows

  • Bleeding 
  • Blood Clotting 
  • Infection due to hygiene issues
  • Risks concerning anesthesia 
  • Some serious risk factors to keep in mind
  • Injury in the nerve. This may cause slight tingling and numbness in one of the legs. 
  • There is a possibility for the surgery not to work, and the pain may return. 

If you are having bone donated, then there may be some reactions to the bone, thus causing problems. 
After the surgery, the probability of acquiring these complications is lower, but they keep you in observation for the same. Nonetheless, you should keep an eye out of the symptoms of these side effects: 

  • Swelling more than usual. This may be accompanied by redness or have pus coming out. 
  • Unbearable pain
  • Shaking and chills 
  • If you have a fever with a temperature of over 100 degrees F. 
  • What happens during the surgery 

Why Should You Choose Dr. Himanshu Gupta? 

Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur is a scary term. It can simply make anyone nervous. But under the right doctor like Dr. Himanshu Gupta, you will not feel the slightest scared. He has had a lot of experience and brings a lot of credentials behind his name. This has caused many people to trust him with their spines. 
He is a Neurosurgeon in Jaipur who is a trained professional and has a DNB in neurosurgery. He also has an MS and an MBBS. He has his key expertise in spinal injuries, brain, Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur, and similar areas. 

Most Asked Questions

The key to any kind of recovery is to eat healthily, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. For something like Spine Fixation Surgery in Jaipur, you may have to spend a week in the hospital.

You will receive multiple pain medications that will help you get through the time. The doctor will also give you antibiotics. You may have pain medicine injected directly into the back through a tube. This process is called an epidural catheter. 
Abnormal deformities of the back are the cause of many problems physical and emotional. If you are sick of having to take pain medicine for your back, consider surgery by Dr. Himanshu Gupta. Not only will you get the surgery done but also have ease in the healing process.