Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur: Brain Tumor Surgery mainly constitutes of different types of procedures that are useful for repairing any structural problem inside the brain cavity. Typically, patients undergo brain surgery if they notice particular symptoms after a tumor, abscesses, blood clots, skull fractures, or aneurysms. 
Reach out to the best neurosurgeons like Dr. Himanshu Gupta for Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur. Specialists like him properly diagnose the condition and brain activity before ruling surgery as an option. 

What is Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor is a type of growth or mass that forms after multiple abnormal cells converge together inside the brain. Some of the brain tumor types are malignant while others are benign. The former variety is cancerous and can lead to more dangerous complications. 
Usually, brain tumors start directly inside the brain cavity or expand from other parts of the body. These are called primary and secondary or metastatic brain tumors respectively.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor 

These include:

  • Weakness in the face, limbs, or a side of your body 
  • Continuous headaches 
  • Behavioral/personality/mood change 
  • Difficulty in coordination 
  • Vomiting/nausea 
  • Loss of memory
  • Bad balance issues during walking 
  • Sensory deprivation (e.g., smell)
  • Difficulty completing regular tasks like talking or reading 

Causes of Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

The following are the common reasons brain tumor occurs, though there is no exact cause for this:

  • Some sort of genetic mutation that results in high multiplication of cells inside a person’s brain
  • Cancer cells in other areas inside the body 

Risk Factors - Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

If you have one of these issues, you would have a possibility of getting a brain tumor. 

  • Males more than females get tumors like meningioma 
  • Older adults and children are more at risk, though young adults may also get a tumor in the brain 
  • Chemical exposure to pesticides, vinyl chloride, rubber, or solvents 
  • Genetic conditions like tuberous sclerosis, nevoid basal cell carcinoma, or Li-Fraumeni syndrome 
  • Allergic or virus infections like EBV exposure 
  • Previous brain-centric ionizing radiotherapy exposure 
  • Seizures or head injuries 
  • High intake of diet-specific N-nitroso compounds increase the risk of brain tumor 
  • Ethnicity/race- White people have a high risk for gliomas while African-American individuals are more likely to get meningioma. 

Diagnosis of Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

In case you think you have a tumor in your brain, visit the best Neurosurgeon in Jaipur first for the right diagnostic testing. Common options include:

Imaging Tests- Typically, neurologists conduct MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans to check for brain tumors. The results from these determine the type and size of the tumor. Other usable imaging tests include a PET (positron emission tomography) scan or a CT (computerized tomography) Scan.

Neurological Test- One of the first things that doctors handle is a neurological examination. Here, they check things like the patient's vision, coordination, balance, reflexes, hearing, and strength. 

Biopsy- Here, skilled neurosurgeons like Dr. Himanshu Gupta collects a sample of the suspected tumorous brain tissue and test it. Specialists in this field often use a stereotactic needle biopsy. This is suitable for cases where the tumor is located in a sensitive part of the brain or an area where it is harder to reach. 

Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur: Treatment Options

Neurosurgery experts like Dr. Himanshu Gupta handle many procedures to check and treat brain tumors. Based on the type of tumor, they plan the treatment process for each patient.


This procedure, while mainly used for diagnostic purposes, is an important step in brain tumor treatment. The doctors study a little bit of the brain tissue after burring a small hole in the person’s skull. The specialists microscopically view the tissue to see any abnormalities, benign or cancerous. 


The best Neurosurgeon in Jaipur, like Dr. Gupta, conducts the open brain surgical procedure, commonly known as a craniotomy. Here, they use a specialized drilling device to cut into the scalp bone or cranial cavity. They displace the bone flap from the main point of the tumor exposing the brain matter underneath and treating it. 

Deep Brain Stimulation 

Doctors place electrodes inside the brain tissue. The electric signals between the electrodes charge the nerves; this is useful for treating any pathology inside the central nervous system that causes diseases. 


Trained neurosurgeons like Dr. Himanshu Gupta sometimes utilize an endoscope through the burred hole in the skull cap. This is a minimally invasive process since only a small part of the brain is visible that the neurosurgeon works on. 

Awake Brain Surgery 

As the name suggests, the patient stays awake during the open brain surgery. Doctors register only a mild dose of local anesthesia to keep the patient responsive. The Neurosurgeon in Jaipur carrying this procedure out stimulates particular areas inside the patient's brain to check their responses to them. Common functions they check with this include memory, vision, speech, and motor functions. 

Endonasal Endoscopic Surgery 

In this type of Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur, doctors like Dr. Gupta enter a thin tube-like device through the patient's nasal cavity. This works for targeting the frontal brain tissue that is infected. The “endonasal endoscopic” surgical procedure is also minimally invasive. 

Why Choose Dr. Himanshu Gupta For Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur?

Dr. Himanshu Gupta is a trained Neurosurgeon in Jaipur, specializing in spine-related and brain surgery procedures or Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur. He holds credentials like a DNB in Neurosurgery, MS and MBBS in General Surgery, and a Fellowship degree in Neuroendoscopy. 
From problems like back pain and migraines to tumors, the neurosurgeon in Jaipur uses his advanced technological know-how and practical neurosurgical abilities to offer personalized treatments to patients. He delivers consultancy services at reputed hospitals and has handled multiple brain/spine treatment cases over the years, with successful results. 
Dr. Himanshu Gupta handles both emergent cases and standard brain treatment procedures.

Most Asked Questions: Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur

After getting a brain tumor surgery in Jaipur, the doctor in charge of your case would recommend 4 weeks to 2 months of resting period. The best team for neurosurgery carries out additional testing later to check for potential complications.

Post-operative recovery care and rehabilitation programs are useful methods for total improvement in brain functioning and providing a better quality of life.

Are you experiencing symptoms like speech impairment, pain, disorientation, or other problems in your brain functioning? Instead of worrying about the possible reasons, visit Dr. Himanshu Gupta for a quick and efficient consultation as soon as possible!