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What Happens When You Have A Brain Hemorrhage?

What happens when you have a brain hemorrhage?: The brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. If it is not working properly, the overall activity of the body has an impact. In the present generation, the chances of brain hemorrhage are on the increase. This is majorly happening due to lifestyle changes and other parameters.

But after getting a brain hemorrhage, people need to know what they can do and cannot. First of all, they need to understand what happens when they have a brain hemorrhage.  This will help them to have no confusion when considering it.

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Now let's discuss what happens when a person encounters a brain hemorrhage!

What happens when you have a brain hemorrhage?

During brain hemorrhage, bleeding between the brain tissues and skull or within the brain tissue itself takes place. It is responsible for damaging most of the parts of the brain, and it turned out to be life-threatening.

There are some symptoms that a person experiences, including constant headache, numbness, paralysis of face, sudden tingling sensations, weakness, and so on.

When patients contact their doctor, the doctor informs them of all the changes taking place in their bodies as well as the underlying cause. If it is happening due to brain hemorrhage, the doctor suggests that the treatment be adjusted accordingly only. In most cases, it happens that the doctor suggests patients go for surgery right away because the curing of brain bleeding sometimes is not possible with medications.

Are brain bleeds fatal?

People need to understand that when the brain is not functioning properly, it impacts the overall activity of life and when the brain bleeds, it can turn out to be a fatal condition. That's why it is important for people to reach out to their doctor in order to get the diagnosis done as soon as possible.

If people are not paying attention towards the diagnosis and taking the medications accordingly, the chances of getting a cure from it will be lower, and when brain cells start to die, there is no possibility of them being regenerated. The damage that may happen due to brain harm can result in mental, physical, and task-based disability.

Treatment options for brain hemorrhage

Exploring the treatment options for brain haemorrhage It is important to understand that the treatment depends on the condition.

In some cases, if there are clots, doctors may suggest patients take some medications for a particular duration before and after surgery. But if the condition is serious and surgery is the only option left, the doctors should do it as soon as possible after the family's concern.

Major surgery is advisable when bleeding requires immediate decompression of the brain to release the pool of blood and relieve pressure.

Along with that, the doctor suggests patients take care of them in a manner that they are taking care of a little baby. This is important right now the brain is not in the state to function properly and to deal with regular activities, utmost care is important.

Whenever brain bleeding takes place, it starts to damage the tissues of the brain. This ultimately has an impact on the overall activity of the brain. It is important for patients to reach out to their doctor in order to get timely treatment. As if they are ignoring their condition, there are chances that they will not be able to live their life.

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FAQ: What happens when you have a brain hemorrhage?

Q.1 - Can you survive a brain bleed?

Answer - SURVIVAL after brain bleeding depends on the part of the brain experiencing the impact. If the bleeding occurs in certain areas of the brain and is large, which are important in functioning, there are chances of death.

Q.2 - How long can a person live after a brain hemorrhage?

Answer - The survival rate after brain hemorrhage depends on so many factors, and in general, a person will be able to live for 3 to 4 years only.

Q.3 - Is a brain hemorrhage a stroke?

Answer - If the bleeding inside the brain occurs from a blood vessel, then it is known as a hemorrhagic stroke.

Q.4 - Can stress cause brain bleed?

Answer - Some researchers have mentioned that psychological stress is responsible for triggering depression-like behavioural changes. These are responsible for teeny ruptures in the brain blood vessels.

Q.5 - Can anger cause a stroke?

Answer - Specifically, anger is not in link with the brain stroke. But it is responsible for triggering heart attack and other cardiovascular problems within two hours of the event.