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How Long Does Rehabilitation Take In Spine Injury?

How long does rehabilitation take in spine injury: Spine injury is among the most serious injuries. If a person, unfortunately, has encountered it, they need to take a lot of rest. If they do not get enough rest, they are more likely to face difficulties.

Well, in that case, it is important to understand the rehabilitation duration and practice things accordingly. If a person is not taking the rehabilitation period seriously, they will not be able to recover completely from it.

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Now let's discuss the rehabilitation timings after spinal cord injuries.

How long does rehabilitation take in spine injury?

Firstly, understand that the rehabilitation duration lasts for 6–14 weeks. This duration is very crucial because if you are not paying attention to recovery, there are more chances for problems. In the initial phase, the doctor suggests so many medications along with some therapies that will help you deal with it.

When you approach the doctor for spinal cord injury treatment, he will help you understand the treatment in detail. Sometimes the treatment is just related to rest only, and sometimes you need to go for the surgery. Along with that, when the process is completed, they suggest the duration in which you need to take a rest. The recovery phase is divided into different phases.

Stages of recovery following a Spinal cord injury:

In this section, we will help you to learn about the recovery phase after spinal cord injury and it is as follows:-

1. Acute phase:

At the very least, a patient needs to understand the acute phase. This phase begins after the patient is admitted, discharged from the hospital, and reaches their place for recovery. Until and unless you are stabilized, this phase will continue.

During this duration, the doctor will suggest that you take some medication and adapt to some postural changes. In most cases, they suggest passive exercises, which are helpful in decreasing the risk of spasticity and help you feel relieved as well.

The medication includes over-the-counter medications and some others that are helpful in dealing with the pain. You just need to follow the medication schedule as suggested by the doctor. This duration lasts for 6–14 weeks, and at this particular time, you do experience a lot of changes, and it is important that you keep things into consideration for recovery.

If you are being irresponsible, there are more chances of further problems.

2. Chronic phase:

In the chronic phase, the doctor is more focused on the patient's capacity to follow the schedule and how they re-integrate into society. After a spinal cord injury, a patient is in bed and needs to gain enough strength to interact with others and maintain their regular schedule.

The major goal of this stage is to develop motor skills and help them do that on their own. In the initial phase, you are dependent on other people for your tasks, but when the same phase is over, you are all set to do your things on your own. The doctor suggests you use a wheelchair and other walking equipment helpful in providing the results. You can simply go for occupational therapy as well to deal with it.

Note: During the recovery period, there are so many goals the doctor sets for the patient. It is important that the patient is achieving all the goals because this indicates the recovery and how much they have improved in the particular course of time. In case there is any problem with the method a doctor is using, he will change the medication or adapt to the method that can help fix the problem.

Also, during the recovery period, you are not supposed to focus on things that put stress on the spinal cord and lead to more complications.

The goal of the rehabilitation period after spinal cord injury: -

The major goals of the rehabilitation period after spinal cord injury entirely depend on the condition, but some common goals that a doctor sets include:

1. The range of motion must be improved:

Most people are unable to move properly after a spinal cord injury, and the doctor's primary goal is to maintain a range of motion so that they can move easily.

2. No pain will be there after injury:

After a spinal cord injury, a person experiences constant pain. In this case the doctor suggests some medication that helps them deal with it. If the pain persists, they will not be able to recover. By keeping the same into consideration, doctors just give some pain relievers to patients.

3. Prevention of further diseases:

It is one of the most important goals of the recovery period that the spinal cord injury must not cause any other problems. Doctors diagnose a patient completely and then understand their actual condition and start treatment. Without analyzing it, they do not reach any conclusion and suggest any medication.

Overall, it is right to conclude that during the recovery period, doctors should pay attention to everything and anything so that on occasion they will be able to deal with the condition and no such problem will be present.

FAQ: - How long does rehabilitation take in spine injury

Q.1 - How long does rehabilitation take in spine injury ?

Answer - Rehabilitating from a spinal cord injury depends on the severity of the injury. In most cases, the rehabilitation lasts from 4 to 8 weeks.

Q.2 - Do I need to make postural changes after a spinal cord injury?

Answer - After a spinal cord injury, a person needs to make some postural changes. This is important to provide relief to the spine and get rid of the pain. The doctor suggests it according to the condition.

Q.3 - What is the primary sign of recovery from spinal cord injury?

Answer - The primary signs of recovery from spinal cord injury are the reduction of swelling at the site of injury and the person's experiencing some sensation below the site of the injury.

Q.4 - Can a person experience paralysis after a spinal cord injury?

Answer - Unfortunately, this is a fact that people who have experienced a serious spinal cord injury may get paralysed as well. It entirely depends on the part of the vertebral column have an injury.

Q.5 - Can a person live their life peacefully after the rehabilitation period is over after a spinal cord injury?

Answer - When the rehabilitation period is over, you will be able to live your life peacefully without any problems. But there are chances that with some weather or seasonal changes, you may experience some problems.